Are You a Measurement Expert?

“You are a dolphin. You know a surprising amount about content measurement, but no one knows it, because you are a dolphin.”

After taking Contently’s Content Measurement Quiz, I realized that I actually do know more about measurement than I give myself credit for (Thank you, Holly!). This quiz isn’t just a great confidence booster, but it also brings up some very important topics that marketers should know about measurement.

  1. The first question explains a basic concept that everyone should know. The more people consume your company’s content, the higher their purchase intent will rise. This positive correlation is important for marketers when deliberating the classic debate between quantity vs. quality. Quality content will increase the amount of time that consumers spend reading it, while sending out hundreds of tweets a day will only annoy consumers.
  2. The second questions outlines an important mistake many marketers make that could be avoided. Know what you are talking about before you say it. So many people go on and on making up words that don’t really exist. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, I promise, someone will notice.
  3. The third question brings up an important distinction for marketers. Engaged time is not just the amount of time someone spends with an article open, but the amount of time someone spends engaging with that article through clicking, scrolling and highlighting. This metric is extremely important for marketers who want to understand what kind of articles work and what kind do not work.
  4. The fourth question is kind of a GPA booster. If you don’t know that ROI stands for return on investment, then what are you doing in the marketing field?
  5. The fifth question defines an important concept in marketing metrics. The theory of compounding return of content means that consistent posts with increase traffic longterm. This is important for marketers to understand when decided how often and what to publish.

These are just five of the important topics that this quiz highlights. Make sure you know what your talking about if you are going to speak!


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