Dear E-Mail Marketers,

Dear E-mail Marketers,




We all know what e-mail marketing looks like. It’s those annoying messages that flood our G-mail with stupid headlines reading “This Just in!”, or “FLASH SALE!”. You just want to delete them as soon as you see them, and eventually it makes you hate the brand sending them.

So, when I saw this lovely infographic, courtesy of Nicole Dieker, I thought, “Hey, e-mail marketers really need to read this”.


This infographic basically explains how e-mail marketers can continue to do what they do without making consumers completely hate them. It’s really a wonder that there are ways to accomplish that task, but I believe they can do it.

The first thing e-mail marketers MUST do is figure out what the heck they are trying to say. Without a goal, there is absolutely no point to the e-mail they are about to blast out. The second thing they have to do is define their audience. You may have a fantastic e-mail about a sale at your cute little boutique ready to send, but if you send it to 20-30 year old males who hate shopping then you’re probably not getting anywhere. Then comes the writing portion. The most important part of an e-mail message is arguably the subject line. There are some in-depth do’s and don’ts, but basically DON’T BE TACKY. It’s the easiest way to avoid embarrassment and hatred for everyone involved.

Of course, there is much more planning involved as far as when to send the e-mail blast and what e-mail to send it from, but if e-mail marketers could just focus on making their message less annoying, everyone would come out a winner.


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