Apple Watch Infographics

If you haven’t heard of the Apple Watch, then you probably live under a rock. But for those of you who choose to refrain from society, the Apple Watch is a new form of wearable technology that functions as a watch, a biometric monitor, a remote control for your iPhone and so much more.

On a tiny screen, many people believe the Apple Watch would be simply unreadable. During the creation of the breakthrough device, Apple faced a dilemma: How can they create something that is functional, yet cutting edge?

The answer to this is infographics. Each app has it’s own image to represent it, creating an association between the image and the application that doesn’t need words to explain it.

My personal favorite example of Apple’s use of infographics is the biometric snapshot. As you scroll through the glances on the Apple Watch, you will see a circle with three different colored rings.


Each ring represents a different measure, as you learn while adapting to your watch. The red ring, on the outside of the circle, represents the number of calories you have burned out of your goal. So, if your goal is 400 calories, the ring will be complete when you reach that goal. The green ring, in the center of the infographic, represents the number of minutes of exercise you have completed out of your total goal. This means that if your total goal for the day is 30 minutes, then you have achieved that goal when the green ring is complete. The blue ring, the inside circle on the infographic, represents the amount of hours you have stood for the say. It is recommended to stand for at least one minute every hour to keep the blood flowing and your metabolism active. The default goal on the Apple Watch is 12 hours, so when the blue ring is completed, you have reached that goal.

This infographic gives the Apple Watch user all the information they need to know about how their day is going (fitness-wise) in one snapshot. This application of infographics illustrates the importance of the visual image, and how important infographics have become in technology today. As infographics begin to be applied in more practical situations, the infographic will become the best way for marketers and communicators to disseminate information.

So, in case you don’t want to come out from under the rock you are living in, here’s an interesting* infographic about the Apple Watch.

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