Where’s Waldo? Not on the Landing Page.

College is a weird time in life. Right now, I’m balancing six classes, two internships, a social life, and sleep (or attempting to look like I sleep). While in college, I am sort of considered an adult, but I also don’t pay any of my bills or have a 9-5 job that sets a routine for each day. Sometimes it can be difficult to manage the business of everyday life, and I feel overwhelmed.

This feeling is like looking for Waldo in a sea of people, and then realizing that he’s on the next page.

It’s basically the same thing as looking at a landing page that is way too busy.

So, how do I keep my life intact, and how can companies create successful landing pages?

According to Karen J. Bannan, these four tips will do the trick.

  1. Set your priorities- Don’t just aimlessly look for something, know that you are looking for a dude in a  red and white striped shirt. Or in my case, know which homework assignment is due within the next hour. If your company doesn’t understand what they are trying to accomplish, then their landing page will reflect that.
  2. Let prospects set priorities- Let’s be honest, we have all signed up for a class that we really just don’t want to be in. Thank god for that add/drop period because we would all be stuck in hell for the next four months. This is why companies need to be sure to include an easy out on their landing page, so that consumers don’t grow to resent your brand after months of torturous emails (or homework assignments).
  3. Integrate the source with the page- Sometimes you have a class where the syllabus makes the class seem like a piece of cake. Then when you really get down to it, the teacher reveals that there are weekly quizzes and homework assignments that you just did not sign up for. The lack of integration between the syllabus and the actual class leaves you feeling dazed and confused. It’s the same for companies. In order to develop actual leads, the landing page needs to be fully integrated.
  4. Be mindful of social- Sometimes, amid my busy life, I forget to actually have a life. I forget that there are things like nature and fun because I am so focused on my schoolwork. Businesses have to be sure not to forget about the social networking world, because without it they basically do not exist.

With that said, if you haven’t optimized your landing page, then did that click from a potential client even happen?


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