#WomenNotObjects Creates a Conversation

According to Lindsay Stein, the feminist movement #WomenNotObjects is taking the internet by storm, creating a conversation about the unethical portrayal of women in advertising today.

My question for advertisers is: Did you even test these ads on an audience before publishing them?

I’m almost positive that any sane audience would definitely have shot down that horrid Burger King advertisement.

Regardless of the advertisers lack of research, the objectification of women is an epidemic in the advertising industry today. The video “We are #WomenNotObjects” highlights this epidemic and creates a very valuable conversation in the advertising industry about what is okay and not okay in advertising.

With the help of technology, advertisers have so many outlets to reach their audience and send out their message. Advertisers growing reach creates a need for socially responsible advertisements that creates a relationship between the company and the consumer.

As I walk down Cordova Street towards the parking garage, like I do everyday, I do not want to be assaulted by creepy men catcalling me, and at the same time, as I walk down Cordova Street looking at my phone, I do not want to be assaulted with insulting, demeaning advertisements either. Advertisements that offend me are probably not going to make me want to buy that product, and I am positively more likely to discourage others from buying the product as well.

There is a growing disdain for advertisements a whole because they continually show up in every aspect of our lives. I cannot even walk down the street without advertisements popped up on my phone, mounted on the bus as it passes by and stapled to the telephone poles. It’s impossible to evade the ads, so why should we stand for advertisements that make us uncomfortable, inferior, or worse, objectified?


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