Coffee, because Sleep is Overrated

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you just want to lay on the couch, spoon a bag of potato chips, and watch Netflix for six hours straight?

I have. (Welcome to college).

That feeling of overpowering anxiety is exactly what it feels like to be a content strategist without a team. Melissa Lafsky describes “The 3 Jobs of Content Marketing, and Why One Person Can’t Do Them All”.

Content strategy, content execution, and content integration are the three major responsibilities of a content marketing team. As I previously mentioned, there is basically only one thing I consider myself an expert on: college. These three jobs can be compared to some of the things college students are expected to do on their own.

  1. Content Strategy. It’s the beginning of the semester. I have vowed to actively participate in my education this semester, and I am ready to start the year right. So, the first thing I do is drive to Target and buy a cute planner. What does the attractiveness of my planner have to do with anything? I don’t know, but I promise, it matters. Instead of just letting that planner collect dust on my vanity, I decide to put it to good use and create a strategy for the semester. I don’t merely write down my class times, but I also create time for studying, time for socializing, and time for sleeping (6 hours is enough, right?). This strategy will guide me throughout the semester, much like a content strategy guides a marketing team throughout their project.
  2. Content Execution. So I have made it a couple of weeks into the semester. I have managed to remain organized by the grace of God, but my first project’s due date is quickly approaching. Naturally, I’m a perfectionist. Therefore, I spend hours and hours “planning, producing, perfecting, publishing, and distributing” to make sure I receive an A+. Meanwhile, I have three other projects and some blog posts due for my five other classes (I am now down to 3 hours of sleep). For a content marketing team, producing content like this can be a full time job.
  3. Content Integration. At this point in the semester I have created a seamless portfolio to present to my professor. I am so proud of my final product, and I want my professor to see how hard I worked. So, I get all dressed up and cover up the bags under my eyes with concealer, (sleep really isn’t necessary anymore), and I pitch my project to the professor. I try my best to sell him on the idea and make him believe it is as brilliant as I think it is. This is much of what a content marketing team has to do with the rest of the company in order to integrate their campaign and make sure everyone knows it is awesome.

As you can see, content marketers and college students have big jobs. It’s not simply “handling content” or “studying”, but much more involved. Both content strategists and college students must be sure that they are creating content that makes them both relevant and compelling.

Leticia Martin once told me to”become and interesting person”, because sleep is overrated.


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