The Naked Little Truth about Content Marketing at Flagler College

Content is King.

Content can mean many different things, and as Jay Acunzo describes in “The Jargon Monster: What is Content Marketing, Really?”, “definitions are really, really important.”

The Naked Little Truth defines content marketing as “solving the same problem as your product, but through the media you create and distribute”.

After spending a few minutes reading the article mentioned above, I began to find connections between “The Jargon Monsters” of the world, “The Naked Little Truth”, and the one thing I consider myself an expert on: college.

College is bursting with two types of professors: The Jargon Monster and The Naked Little truth. The Jargon Monsters will put up a powerpoint, read some definitions, and expect you to write them verbatim on the exam. This type of professor is the college student’s worst enemy. On the other hand, there are Naked Little Truth professors who realize what problem a college degree is attempting to solve, and teaches to that end. In other words, they understand that most of us mere undergrads are attempting to get a job and figure out how to succeed in the workplace, in which case they teach us what we need to know in order to get ready for “the real world”.

Just as a company like John Deere , whose goal is to serve “those linked to the land”, produces content such as The Furrow, Flagler College produces content that supports students and solves the same problem as their product. A great example of relevant content marketing produced by Flagler College is the Trail Blazer video series. This collection of videos highlights alumni who have bought the Flagler College product, and used it to succeed in the big, scary “real world”. This kind of content not only serves as an advertisement for the college’s product, but also as a reminder for students that the Naked Little Truth will always prevail in the working world.

Personally, I believe the Naked Little Truth can be used to define more than just content marketing, and Jargon Monsters exist in every industry. Overcoming the daily clutter and jargon may be difficult, but once you have the Naked Little Truth, anything is possible.



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